God Is Doing Amazing Things At Summit Church!

Hey everyone,

We are having a very busy but good week at Summit Church Texas. We have been working on the parlor, and it is coming together. The work on the roof is progressing as well. We have had to deal with several leaks, so it was definitely necessary.

Remember to change your clocks this weekend. You will need to cause your clocks to SPRING FORWARD on Saturday night. Don’t forget or you will be late for church.

The Easter Egg Hunt will be on Saturday, March 31st. Start inviting people now to join us for both the Easter Egg Hunt and our Easter Celebration on Sunday, April 1st. We will be filling the Easter Eggs on March 10. Sign up in the foyer to help work at the egg hunt, bounce house, petting zoo, registration, and other activities.
Please help us by bringing the following items:
Easter eggs
Individually wrapped candy for eggs (no chocolate please)
Small toys that will fit inside eggs
Small stickers/trinkets
Prizes for games and races
Door prizes for adults and children
We have work to do on our mission project for the month and to get ready for one of our biggest events of the year.

This Saturday, March 10, at 10 a.m. we will help make some special items for the Kairos Prison Ministry. Bring a snack to share if you like. We want to fill Easter Eggs in the afternoon. We will be putting Bible verses in the eggs, as well as candy and little toys.

I want to thank you for helping Summit Church reach lots of boys and girls for Jesus! We are planning to present the gospel at the Easter Egg Hunt so pray for people to understand the real significance of Easter. Pray that our Easter Egg hunt will be a great outreach, and that people will be saved!
If you can’t come for the entire time, feel free to come help for part of the time! We really need the help!

John & Susan McCain will be working a Kairos Prison Ministry the weekend of April 12-15, 2018 in the women’s prison at Lockhart, Texas. Johnny will be serving as a spiritual leader for the outside team (prepares all food and items sent inside the unit). He will also be assisting the Outside team with food prep that goes inside the unit. Susan will be serving inside the unit with spiritual needs. Please sign up at the table in the lobby for the prayer chain, meal tickets ($5 each), cookies and donations. The McCains covet your prayers for the weekend.

Every Wednesday our food team is going to be providing a free light supper (available for everyone from 5:30 p.m.to 6:15 p.m.). We will have a variety of adult Bible Study classes starting at 6:15 p.m. We will also be providing games and Bible Study activities for the youth and children. If you are willing to provide rides for children, do not hesitate to let us know.

Free activities & light supper each Wednesday 5:30 p.m.
Open Gym – Open Playground 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday Night (6:15 p.m.) Bible Study Groups:
Pastor Bobby Graham – In-depth Bible Study
Pastor Pat Bullock – Leadership Class (How To Become An Effective Church Leader)`
Barbara Fox – Praying With Power
Youth – David Rascon
Children – Janie Swinford
Nursery – Kelly Wright
Thank you for your faithful giving to our church budget and building fund.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday! We are also hoping to see many of you on Saturday to help with the mission project and Easter preparations!

Pastor Terry Fox
Summit Church
6301 Weber Rd
Corpus Christi, TX 78413

New Classes Starting This Wednesday Night!


I am really excited about starting a Bible Study at Summit Church Texas!I will be teaching on Praying with Power.I will encourage you and challenge you to have a quiet time each day and grow closer to God.I want to share with you how to be effective in prayer.We will spend time actually praying as well.I am looking forward to getting to know you all! We will share laughter and tears as we become closer to each other and God.

We will be having Bible Study each Wednesday starting this week at 6:30 p.m.If you come early, from 5:15 to 6:15 each week we will serve a light supper (free).The children and youth can play in the gym and on the playground after they eat.Then at 6:30 there will be classes for the adults and activities for the children and youth as well.

Here is a list of the topics we will be covering.

  1. Introduction to Prayer
  2. Intimacy with God
  3. Importance of Praise
  4. Identification of Sin
  5. Infilling of the Holy Spirit
  6. Instructions for Life
  7. Influence of Prayer
  8. Inspiration from God’s Word
  9. Interpretation of God’s Will
  10. Intense Warfare
  11. Intercession for Spouses
  12. Intercession for Children
  13. Intercession for Others

I hope you will join us!

Barbara Fox

Summit Church Texas has a permanent location!

Great news! Summit Church Texas has a permanent location! We have officially closed on the beautiful campus at 6301 Weber Road.

I will be preaching this Sunday in Corpus Christi. We will have Bible Study at 9:30 a.m. for all ages, and worship at 10:30 a.m. Invite everyone to come celebrate with us! Don’t miss this exciting day. Let’s all come and bring others with us.

Love you all! Blessings!
Pastor Terry Fox

6301 Weber Rd

Hear Pastor Terry Fox This Week!

Hello, this is Pastor Terry Fox. I am excited to be back in Corpus Christi! I enjoyed being Pastor at Gardendale Baptist Church for 10 years. We saw God change many lives during that ministry. The Lord has lead me to establish a new church in Corpus Christi called Summit Church Texas! I want to invite all my friends to join us this Sunday at 9:30 AM for Bible Study / Fellowship & 10:30 AM for Worship! I am excited to be the founding pastor along with Bobby Graham, Pat Bullock and Orman Gwynn! We believe God wants this new church to bless many people in the Corpus area! We are having amazing services on Sundays’s and Wednesday’s! Pray about coming and helping us reach many for the Lord! Barbara Fox will be leading the women’s ministries! She has many ideas for this ministry and would love to have you help her. She is a very gifted Bible teacher! For information about the new church call me at 316 641 8832. God is working! We need you!! Pastor Terry Fox

Recent Sermons

A Message From The Pastor!

A message from Lead Pastor Terry Fox-
What an amazing night at Summit Church Texas! Wow everyone is so excited about the live stream broadcast each Sunday from the Wichita campus! So proud of the leadership at both campus! Thank you Lord for your mighty works! The attendance and Spirit in Corpus tonight was tremendous. God is building another great church for his glory. Love you ALL!

Pastor Terry Fox

We had an AMAZING day at Summit Church Texas!

Our first Sunday morning was an awesome experience! A full house! God was present in power! Many people joined the Church and committed to help build this new work for the Lord! The offering was incredible! Thank you for obeying the Lord in your giving! Remember you can never out give the Lord, his shovel is bigger than ours. I look forward to seeing you and others this Wednesday at Sliverado Smoke house on Weber! Come eat with us early! And the Worship service will start at 630! Love you all! Pastor Terry Fox

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