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Summit Church Texas is a NEW church located in Corpus Christi Texas. We believe God has assembled a great team to reach Corpus Christi for Jesus Christ! We really BELIEVE in Jesus and the Bible. We preach the whole Bible and stand for Jesus ALL OF THE Time.
Jesus Christ Gave It All For You. We Should Give It All For Christ.

Hello, this is Pastor Terry Fox. I am excited to be back in Corpus Christi. I enjoyed being Pastor at Gardendale Baptist Church for 10 years. We saw God change many lives during that ministry. The Lord has lead me to establish a new church in Corpus Christi called Summit Church Texas! I have asked Pastor Bobby Graham to serve as Campus Pastor, and Pastor Pat Bullock to serve as our Teaching Pastor. We will be livestreaming my Sunday morning message from Summit Church Kansas, and will be preaching live most Wednesdays in Corpus. We have assembled a great ministry team and are ready to serve you. You will enjoy powerful worship, dynamic preaching, and Bible Study every week. God has given me a great love for the people of this city, and we believe that it is God’s will to save all people. Our goal is to share his Gospel to everyone. I look forward to serving with you once again for his glory! 1 Corinthians 10:31 Blessings Lead Pastor Terry Fox


Summit Church Texas Staff

Terry Fox

Lead Pastor
Lead Pastor of Summit Church Texas & Summit Church Kansas.

Bobby Graham

Campus Pastor
Campus Pastor of Summit Church Texas.

Pat Bullock

Teaching Pastor
Teaching Pastor for Summit Church Texas.

Orman Gwynn

Teaching Pastor
Teaching Pastor at Summit Church Texas.

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